Mine Spec Diesel Generator

amped MS range

The amped mine spec (MS) diesel generator prices are the most competitive in the market today. Due to the durability  and integration of locally supported key components high levels of  return on capital  investment are achieved.

The amped  MS diesel generator is extensively used in sectors such as mining, rural, defence, marine environments, and remote communities across the harsh Australian outback.

Features include:

  •                                         Cummins® Diesel Engine
  •                                         Stamford® Alternator
  •                                         Deep Sea Controller
  •                                         Acoustic Canopy
  •                                         Center Lifting  Lug
  •                                         Lockable doors
  •                                         Fork lift pockets
  •                                         24 hr bunded fuel tank
  •                                         External Emergency Stop
  •                                         ABB Circuit Breaker
  •                                         Battery Isolator
  •                                         Water  Jacket Heater
  •                                         Battery Charger
  •                                         Earth Leakage RCD
  •                                         Neutral Earth Resistor
  •                                         Fire Extinguisher
  •                                        MPG Backed Warranty
  •                                        After Sales MPG Support


amped diesel generators are the signature brand of MPG. They have been specifically designed for the Australian market ensuring the highest levels of durability, efficiency, serviceability and support are achieved. There are no harsher and remote areas in the world than in Australia, the amped range are built to operate in such conditions.Over 2000 amped generators  are currently operating in the region a further endorsement of  their versatility.

With long term supplier supplier relationships MPG supply a vast range of diesel generators from global manufacturers at customers request. We offer the finest brands at the best diesel generator prices.

Please contact us with your specific requirements.