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diesel generator sales

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Diesel Generator Sales

MPG amped series diesel generators are commissioned & tested by the factory engineers to ensure they surpass stringent ISO & Australian Standards, and are the result of integrated design and manufacturing intended to meet the requirements for reliability, power, performance and efficiency.

MPG amped range consists of two series, standard and mine spec. These are suitable for a diverse range of applications and environments.

Standard Spec (SS)  diesel generators are used in standby applications where the grid is the prime source of power. Commonly found in city buildings, hospitals, clubs, hotels and factories.

Mine Spec (MS) diesel generators are used in prime power, critical standby and peak lopping applications. Commonly found in remote locations where environmental conditions can be extreme.

Integral to the MPG amped diesel generator range is the combination of  Kubota® (sub 30 kVA) or Cummins® Engine and Stamford® Alternator renowned for their longevity & world class performance. Completing this is the Deep Sea® Controller, the most functional and user friendly controller in the market today. This configuration is the basis to which the amped range achieves the highest levels of durability, efficiency, serviceability and support.

MPG pride themselves on providing the highest standard of after sales support in the industry. All new amped diesel generator sales are backed by MPG warranty.

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